Fondly Remembering Donald Trump’s 2012 Election Meltdown

trump rally
Joseph Sohm /

Donald Trump has not been willing to say if he will concede or accept the result of today’s presidential election if he loses, only saying that he will accept the results if he wins.

Earlier this year, Trump claimed that he actually won the Republican Iowa caucus but that the election was stolen from him.

And he had an especially epic meltdown in 2012, when he declared that Mitt Romney won the election and urged voters to launch a revolution to resist President Obama’s victory. One year later, he still insisted that Obama only won re-election thanks to the votes of dead people.

While Trump later deleted several of his tweets, New York Magazine saved them.


One month later, Trump, who has built his campaign around anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, urged Republicans to “take the lead on immigration” or “they’re never going to win another election”:

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