Buttars Has a Friend in Matt Barber

Since Utah Sen. Chris Buttars made his inflammatory remarks about homosexuals last week, virtually nobody from the Right has rallied to defend him. In fact, so far, the best he’s been able to get are some vague statements from the state’s Eagle Forum affiliate defending his First Amendment right to say what he wishes.

But when nobody else will speak up for a hateful bigot, you can always count on Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber to come through.  And once again he has done so with flying colors, choosing to focus his ire on Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups for having “caved to pressure by an anti-Christian homosexual hate group” in stripping Buttars of his Judiciary Committee chairmanship:

“If you need a prime example of why the Republican Party is presently spiraling into the abyss of political irrelevancy, you need look no further than to Utah,” said Barber. “The conservative majority in both Utah and across the country is starved for leaders who will represent the traditional values upon which our great nation was founded, and who will do so boldly and unapologetically. Sen. Buttars has done just that. He was elected in Utah to represent his constituents and the conservative values they hold near and dear. He’s been tested and has passed that test. By bucking left-wing extremism and speaking truth in plain and simple terms, Buttars has shown true leadership. Although his comments certainly lacked in political correctness and were quite direct, they were acutely accurate. Wouldn’t it be nice if more politicians would speak directly and accurately?    

Senator Waddoups has played right into their hands. He’s given their radical left-wing agenda an illusory air of legitimacy. He had a golden opportunity to shine here by standing firmly behind Senator Buttars. He could have told these liberal extremists to take their extremism elsewhere. Instead, he threw Senator Buttars under the bus.

“Waddoups’ equivocation is a slap in the face to his own constituents. He’s indirectly told every American who holds a biblical view of sexual morality and who rightfully believes that radical homosexual activism poses a grave threat to our American culture, that they should be ashamed of these traditional beliefs – that they should keep these beliefs to themselves. 

“Therefore, I’m asking that people contact Sen. Waddoups and respectfully request that he immediately reinstate Sen. Buttars to his post as chairman of the Judiciary Committee and publicly apologize to both Buttars and to the millions of Americans whose traditional values Waddoups has impugned,” concluded Barber.

This leads one to wonder if there is anything that anyone could ever say about gay people that Barber wouldn’t immediately defend?  Sadly, the answer to that seems to be “no.”