Bryan Fischer: ‘Would Jesus Be In Favor Of Restricting Immigration? Absolutely’

On the “Focal Point” program yesterday, American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer and his producer Jeff Reed argued that President Trump’s order blocking immigration and refugees from several predominantly Muslim nations was perfectly reasonable because “extreme vetting” is also required to get into heaven.

“Don’t we hear stuff about the pearly gate, which is some kind of entrance?” Reed asked. “The new Jerusalem, I think in Revelation 21, where he talks about a high wall, a great wall was built with twelve gates. And even Lazarus and the rich man, He fixed a chasm in between. I don’t want this to sound sacrilegious, but isn’t Jesus or God the Father doing some extreme vetting on who He’s allowing to spend eternity with Him and who is not?”

“That’s actually a powerful analogy,” Fischer responded. “You talk about the ultimate form of immigration is from earth into the kingdom in the age to come. That’s the ultimate form of immigration. You migrate from here to there and you have got to have a valid entry pass or you’re not going to be let in. You can’t just go in there because you want to, you’ve got to have a permit, you’ve got to be vetted and you have got to have the right certifications to be able to go through the pearly gates otherwise the gates are shut and you are on the outside … So yeah, would Jesus be in favor of restricting immigration? Absolutely.”