Bryan Fischer: Single-Stall Bathrooms Give ‘Special Rights’ To Transgender People

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer spent a good portion of his radio program yesterday railing against legislators in North Carolina who were working to repeal HB2, the state’s anti-LGBT law, in an effort that ultimately failed. During his broadcast, Fischer took a call from a listener who said that instead of allowing transgender individuals to use facilities that match the gender with which they identify, businesses simply need to add single-stall unisex bathrooms.

Fischer agreed, but then bizarrely complained that the existence of single-stall bathrooms amounts to giving “special rights” to transgender people

“They’re not getting the same treatment,” Fischer said, “they’re getting special treatment. They’re a tiny little slice of the population, they’re going to have a bathroom facility that’s reserved exclusively for them. Sexually normal people don’t have that; that’s a special deal. That’s not equal rights, that’s special rights. You get your own private bathroom with privacy that nobody else gets.”

Once again, Fischer seems to have a very confused understanding of what constitutes “special rights,” since obviously anyone is allowed to use a single-stall unisex bathroom, not just transgender people. That is the entire point.