Bryan Fischer: ‘This Is A Vote On Tuesday About God’

On his radio program on Friday, American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer summed up the entire election when he told his listening audience that “this is a vote on Tuesday about God.”

“Let’s just cut right to the chase,” he said. “Let’s make it simple. This is a vote on Tuesday about God. Which of these candidates, which of the parties that these candidates represent have the greatest sensitivity, regard, respect, reverence for the things of God? So this is a vote about God and which of these candidates and which of these parties is most likely to pursue policies that show some kind of deference to God and God’s standards and God’s will.”

“People that are anti-God, don’t believe in God, don’t want to have anything to do with God, they are flocking to the Democratic Party,” Fischer said. “So that can make this election actually quite simple. It’s an election about God.”

While Fischer appears to be making the case for Trump, back in March, Fischer said of the GOP presidential nominee:

The bottom line here is that Donald Trump is a mean-spirited, vindictive man virtually devoid of character. He is worthy of no respect. Evangelicals, and evangelical leaders in particular, should get as far away from this man as they can as soon as they can. We are far past the point where any evangelical can in good conscience defend or excuse this man’s character and behavior.

Jesus said, “You will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:20). I’ve seen enough of Donald’s Trump diseased orchard to last me a lifetime.