Bryan Fischer Interviews Newt Gingrich

Following his remarks at the Rediscover God in America conference, Newt Gingrich joined Bryan Fischer for an interview in his on-site studio where they discussed a range of issues.

To begin with, Gingrich discussed his work seeking to highlight American’s Christian history and heritage and the need to reign in judges:

To Fischer’s credit, he then asked Gingrich about his multiple marriages and how he would explain that to Religious Right voters and even called him out on his claim that it was his love of America that led to his repeated infidelities.  Gingrich responded that he has been forgiven by God and that he is no longer the man who engaged in such behavior and that he’d ask voters to judge him as a “total person”:

The topic then turned to social issues, with Fischer asking Gingrich what he would do, if elected president, to “slow down the homosexual agenda”:

Finally, the two discussed the military action in Libya, which Gingrich called “an opportunistic act by a group of amateurs who haven’t thought through what they’re doing”: