Bryan Fischer: Christians Must Pray For Trump Because The Left Is ‘Throwing The Very Demons Of Hell’ At Him

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer spent a good portion of his radio program on Friday exhorting listeners to pray for President Trump in order to counteract an effort by witches to cast spells on him and remove him from office.

“We have the left declaring all-out spiritual warfare,” Fischer warned. “In other words, they’re making this culture war a spiritual war. This is now a battle between the forces of darkness and the forces of light and they’re the ones who have initiated it, they fired the first salvo in this spiritual war and so we need to respond to this.”

“This is an evil day,” he continued, “The other side, they’re throwing everything they have into the breach, including now, demons. I mean, realize what the left is doing now in this battle over the future of our country, they are throwing the very demons of hell at those who are trying to represent what is good and best and right for this country.”