Brody: Right-Wing Campaign Against Obama’s Czars “Misleading”

Others have already pointed out that the whole Glenn Beck/Fox News/right-wing crusade against President Obama’s “czars” is totally bogus.  Now, even CBN’s David Brody is weighing in to set the record straight, calling the whole right-wing campaign misleading:

The Brody File has been researching this topic for an upcoming story to air on The 700 Club and here’s a simple fact: The Czar list compiled by Fox News and other outlets is just not fully accurate. They are listing people like Cass Sunstein, John Holdren and a few others as Czars but these folks have been confirmed by the Senate. That is significant because the main contention here is that these Czars run around unchecked and unaccountable to Congress. Their list shouldn’t include them. If you want to make the argument that Sunstein and Holdren shouldn’t be nominated by President Obama because of things they’ve either said or done in the past then fine but to add them to the Czar total is really misleading.

Look, you can make the argument that the Obama administration has increased the number of so called Czars and it has even concerned liberals like Senator Russ Feingold and Senator Robert Byrd. Still, if you want to bring credibility to your argument you need to get your facts straight. Conservative media outlets hurt themselves when the information they provide isn’t the total picture. It may play well with Obama’s staunch critics but doesn’t the full truth matter? Conservative media complain about the mainstream media ignoring them (and they have a point) but if Czar lists are inaccurate then is it no wonder that the MSM may question the factual credibility of future stories?