Breitbart Takes Its Smear Campaign Against Roy Moore Accusers To Infowars

Breitbart editor Aaron Klein teamed up with Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist supplement salesman who heads Infowars, to further the site’s larger campaign to discredit and smear the women who have claimed that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

Klein appeared on Infowars today to defend Moore against claims that he sexually assaulted teenage girls by claiming that the women who have come forward have credibility issues and that one was deemed “psychiatrically unstable.” Klein said the mainstream media committed “journalistic malpractice” by not reporting on what he believed to be “bombshells” that question the credibility of the women making the accusations.

Klein repeated to Jones many of the same claims he made last week on a special edition of “Breitbart News Tonight” with Steve Bannon. Klein claimed that the “D.A.” initials following a yearbook signature put forward as evidence for one accusation against Moore indicates that the note may be a forgery and that the woman’s ex-boyfriend “says she’s a liar” and her son “says she’s a liar.” The woman, Beverly Young Nelson, has since said that she added the “D.A.” as an annotation to Moore’s inscription, which Breitbart bizarrely claimed is evidence that the whole thing was “forged.”

Jones praised Klein, saying, “You said all this and you guys reported on it exclusively, basically—got attacked everywhere. You can see it’s fake. You can see it’s different, cobbled together. It’s a lifted signature put on there and now she has to admit she wrote it. I mean you can’t listen to anything that comes out of her mouth now.”

Klein went on to claim that one of the other accusers had a personal vendetta against Moore for representing her opponent in a case that resulted in her losing custody of her children. Jones acted amazed.

“I’m just thinking about as a lawyer and a [district attorney] and a judge, how many enemies this guy has got to have. Like, I’m a public figure and imagine if this was happening to me, people would just line up around the block to make it up,” Jones said.

Breitbart has gone to extreme lengths to defend Moore against the accusations and to attempt to discredit media outlets that have voiced criticism of Moore since the accusations were first made public. Klein’s appearance on Infowars demonstrates that Breitbart is intent on continuing its by-any-means-necessary approach to taking over the Republican Party.