Gina Loudon: ‘The Innocence Or Guilt Of Roy Moore Is Really Not Even At Issue’

Gina Loudon speaks at CPAC 2016. (Wikimedia Commons, photo by Gage Skidmore)

Dr. Gina Loudon, a former Breitbart writer and right-wing pundit, claimed that the matter of whether Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is guilty or innocent of making sexual advances on teenage girls as young as 14 years old while he was in his 30s “is really not even at issue” for Alabama voters.

Loudon appeared with Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on “Breitbart News Daily” this morning to discuss Moore’s press conference yesterday, which Marlow described as “strange.” Loudon assured Marlow that Alabama voters were too independent to be swayed by allegations that he sexually pursued teenage girls and that “many of these so-called stories or rumors have been out there for a long time.”

“The innocence or guilt of Roy Moore is really not even at issue here because the people of Alabama made a decision, based on the evidence they had, who they wanted to vote for,” Loudon said. “At this point, what is relevant is only the decision that is in the hands of Alabamians right now.”

Loudon went on to claim that her time as an evening drive-time radio host in Alabama led her to believe that Alabama voters are “fiercely independent” and “will not let someone come impose their allegations on an election in order to overturn it.”