Breitbart Gun Columnist Says Dick’s Should Have Donated Unsold Assault Rifles ‘To The Poor’

(Photo by Mike Mozart, via WikiMedia Commons)

Breitbart News’ gun columnist told radio listeners today that Dick’s Sporting Goods, instead of destroying unsold assault-style rifles, should have “donated these guns to the poor and let the poor use these guns for self-defense.”

Shortly after the mass shooting at a Florida high school in February, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack announced that his company would cease sales of assault-style semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines in its stores and that it would raise the minimum age to purchase firearms at the stores to 21 years old. Earlier this month, a spokeswoman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the company planned to destroy unsold firearms that were removed from shelves after the policy change, rather than return their inventory to gun manufacturers.

This morning, Breitbart deputy political editor Amanda House brought on Breitbart’s gun columnist AWR Hawkins to discuss Dick’s decision to destroy the firearms, which Hawkins said was “one of the best proofs ever that liberalism is a mental illness.” Hawkins explained that properly destroying and disposing of weapons was costly and tedious, and suggested that Dick’s instead give the unsold assault-style rifles to low-income communities.

“If this group wanted to do something that would make them look good, Dick’s, I said what they should have done is donated these guns to the poor and let the poor use these guns for self-defense,” Hawkins said. “But see, that’s how a conservative thinks.”

Hawkins theorized about a single mom living on the south side of Chicago who can “only afford a baseball bat” to protect her “six kids.”

“Let’s give that mom an AR-15 and a magazine and let her defend those kids the right way from now on,” Hawkins said. “But see, Dick’s didn’t think that way and their liberalism shined through. Liberalism is always blind to people it promises to protect.”

House agreed with Hawkins and compared Dick’s decision to destroy firearms to cannibalism, saying that the move illustrated “leftism as a mental disorder.” She went on to joke that she had “that image in my head where I just see [Dick’s] creating a bonfire and dancing to Hillary Clinton pictures.”