Breitbart Editor: Advertiser Boycott Against Laura Ingraham Is ‘Unbelievably Anti-American’

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow told radio listeners that asking corporations to pull their advertisements from Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s primetime television show after Ingraham mocked a school shooting survivor for not being accepted into his choice of college was “unbelievably anti-American.”

Last week, Ingraham used her status as a Fox News host to mock Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor David Hogg for not getting into his colleges of choice. In return, Hogg suggested that people contact Ingraham’s top advertisers and ask them to stop running ads on Ingraham’s program. Once companies started pulling ads from Ingraham’s program, she apologized to Hogg, who said he would only accept the apology if she denounced the way her network had treated him and the other shooting survivors.

Because of the incident, Ingraham is currently off the air on a one-week vacation.

Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor joined Marlow this morning on “Breitbart News Daily” to discuss the ways they believe Ingraham was mistreated after she mocked Hogg and to criticize Hogg for demanding that Ingraham also apologizes to the other people she has stoked vitriol against.

Marlow said that Ingraham was getting “Hillary-ed in the public square over nothing,” a seemingly self-aware reference to right-wing media’s obsessive antagonizing of Hillary Clinton. He then went on to defend the fact that Ingraham published the names gay people at an LGBTQ meeting at Dartmouth when she was the editor of a student paper there, forcibly outing them to friends and family, because it happened “like, 35 years ago.”

“It is exactly what you and I warn about, Dan, week in and week out on the show, which is that when you give the left an inch, they’ll take a mile,” Marlow said. “And it wasn’t enough to just apologize, now they have to go after, they have to re-litigate her entire past.”

“This is the ultimate bullying and there’s corporate shaming that’s going on. It’s just unbelievably anti-American,” Marlow said.