Breitbart Calls In Pizzagate Activist Mike Cernovich To Reinforce Its Fight Against White House ‘Globalists’

In a since-deleted Periscope livestream, Mike Cernovich spreads a dubious conspiracy alleging Democrats were complicit in a child sex ring. (Screenshot/

Breitbart News called on Mike Cernovich, a pro-Trump social media personality and Infowars contributor who once promoted a conspiracy theory alleging that top Democrats were operating a child sex trafficking ring beneath a pizza parlor, to further its attacks on White House officials Breitbart believes have compromised President Donald Trump’s campaign agenda.

On this morning’s episode of “Breitbart News Daily,” host Alex Marlow told Cernovich he was “really excited to talk to” him because he is “kind of a legendary figure online.” Marlow also called Cernovich’s work “pretty much must-reading,” congratulated him for having gained rapid success in right-wing journalism, and told him he was “one of the most well-sourced guys in journalism.”

Cernovich told Marlow that the alleged infighting between Trump supporters and White House staff that he described in a recent series of blog posts is evidence of a “some kind of coup.”

“Coup is a strong word, but it’s very hard to argue against it at this point in time because you’re just seeing, by and large, what’s coming out of the White House is just not what we voted for overall,” Marlow responded.

Later in the interview, Cernovich questioned what he described as the White House’s decision not to offer exclusive interviews to conservative media outlets, and Marlow asked Cernovich if he thought “the Javanka wing” had sabotaged the Trump administration.

“We all knew Javanka was going to be a big problem,” said Cernovich. “We always knew Javanka wants to sabotage Trump. They don’t care about America First.”

Breitbart News had scarcely reported on Cernovich prior to his appearance on the site’s radio program today, and had avoided identifying him as a “journalist” until a couple months ago, when Breitbart editor Matt Boyle identified him in an article as a “White House reporter,” finally granting Cernovich the kind of mainstream validation he has desperately sought since he received temporary access to the White House press briefing room earlier this year and delivered a handful of legitimate news scoops.

Cernovich’s appearance both demonstrated that Breitbart intends to deliver on its promise to fight against “Javanka” administration officials that it fears jeopardize the Trump agenda, and provided Cernovich with the validation as a legitimate journalist that he so craves.