Breitbart’s Top Brass Say Site Will Be ‘More Aggressive’ Toward ‘The Globalist Wing Of The White House’ Under Bannon

Breitbart editor Alex Marlow said last week that under newly returned CEO Steve Bannon, he expected Breitbart to become “more aggressive” against the “globalist wing” of the White House and that the publication would do all it could to “encourage them to leave.”

On the August 24 episode of Breitbart’s “Whatever It Takes with Curt Schilling” radio show, host Curt Schilling asked Marlow what he expected to change now that Bannon is back at Breitbart.

“I think you’ll probably see Breitbart get a little more aggressive,” Marlow responded. “I think part of that is the nature of the news cycle and it does look like that the globalist wing of the White House has won out—the Javanka, McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Kohn wing is just totally dominant on the inside at this point in time.”

He continued, “I would let the record show that I would like for them all to not be in the White House hopefully as soon as possible, and hopefully Breitbart will do all that we can to encourage them to leave the White House.”

Marlow’s statements reinforce what some suspected about the publication’s recent attacks against the president’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, since Bannon’s return. In addition to attacking Ivanka and Kushner, the publication also has aimed to smear Trump’s economic advisor Gary Cohn, who was reported to have frequently clashed with Bannon and urged policies more in line with tradition conservative politics.

Sebastian Gorka, who has been forced out of his position as a White House adviser and is also landing at Breitbart, told “Breitbart News Saturday” host Matthew Boyle this weekend that it is a mistake to view recent White House departures as a victory against Trump’s agenda.

“The left thinks they’re winning,” Gorka said. “They have no idea what’s coming around the corner and it’s going to be fun, Matt. You know it.”

Gorka also said that although his role at Breitbart is currently unclear, he planned on working with Bannon to make Breitbart a platform for a “true Jacksonian national security foreign policy agenda to support the president.”