Bill Mitchell: Mueller Was a ‘Gray Hat’ Helping Trump Destroy ‘Deep State’

(Screenshot / YouTube)

In the wake of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill, the Trump orbiting flagship host at YourVoice America, Bill Mitchell, told viewers that he had been validated on his prior conspiracy theories that Mueller had been working alongside the Trump administration to take out the so-called “deep state.”

Last night on his program, Mitchell argued that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Trump staged a fake spat so that media would focus on Sessions’ recusal while the administration could secretly prepare indictments meant to dismantle the so-called “deep state.”

“I don’t think Donald Trump was surprised at all that Jeff Sessions recused himself on Russia. I think that was all theater. This is all opinion. Donald Trump never told me this. This is my opinion, OK?” Mitchell said. “Because a lot of people say, oh, ‘Jeff Sessions, you know, he brought on the coup against Donald Trump, you know he brought on Robert Mueller against Donald Trump.’ If [Robert] Mueller had not been assigned as special prosecutor, you know who’s running the investigation? [Andrew] McCabe. You know what we got before Mueller was investigating? We got the Steele dossier.”

He went on, “Now all of a sudden the Democrats can’t do any more Steele dossiers, they can’t do all these lies and this sort of thing about Donald Trump. Why? Because Mueller is on the case. It’s an ongoing investigation. It locked everything down. A lot of people don’t see that. I see that. It’s very obvious, very clear.”

Mitchell alleged that Mueller was chosen to serve as special counsel and offered a deal to work with the administration in exchange for getting a pass for an indictment regarding the Uranium One deal. He explained that he believed the four-hour meeting in which Mueller is said to have interviewed for the position of FBI director in the Trump administration was actually a meeting to discuss this secret plan.

Impersonating what he believes to be what Sessions told Mueller, he said “Here’s how you can save yourself. You can become a gray hat in this, OK? You can basically do the equivalent of wearing a wire and we’re going to use you like a Trojan horse to get inside the deep state, and we’re going to take these guys down.”

Mitchell was recently invited to the White House’s Social Media Summit, despite the fact that he has supported the QAnon phenomenon, which is centered on a conspiracy theory alleging that high-ranking Trump administration officials are using 8chan to tell random people on the internet about an undercover operation to dismantle a global satanic pedophile ring that includes top Democratic officials in its ranks.