Bill Mitchell: Liberals Think Roseanne Barr’s Tweet Was Racist Because They Are Racists

Radio host and Trump-loving sycophant Bill Mitchell was among the right-wing activists who came rushing to Roseanne Barr’s defense after she sent out a racist tweet attacking former Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett which resulted in her ABC sitcom being cancelled.

Mitchell continued to defend Barr on his YourVoice America program yesterday, declaring that there was nothing racist about Barr’s tweet and that liberals only thought it was racist because they are the ones who are racist.

Mitchell’s guest, right-wing commentator Buzz Patterson, kicked things off by wondering if zoos will now be forced to close because people might be offended by the presence of gorillas.

“Where does this stop?” Patterson asked. “Do we close all of the zoos now because there are gorillas in zoos? Do we take down gorilla statues that are in and around zoos and schools and parks? I mean, what is the logical next step here?”

“Let’s be conspiratorial here for a second,” Mitchell responded. “What if Roseanne already knew there were rumblings that ABC did not like her show because it was popular with pro-Trump [viewers] and maybe this tweet was a poison pill. Maybe this was her way of getting out of the contract. Maybe Fox was already on the phone with her, ‘Listen, we’ll double your money, give you a better time slot, you come over to us.’ ‘Well, I’m under contract.’ ‘Well, you do what you have to do.’ That would be kind of funny.”

Mitchell then proceeded to recount how he used to work as a roofer during college, which he said made him start to notice which houses needed new roofs and which roofs were installed poorly and various other things that he never would have noticed had he not had that job. By the same logic, he deduced that liberals only saw racism in Barr’s tweet because they are racists.

“Because the Democrats and liberals are racists, they see racism everywhere,” Mitchell said. “They are looking through race-colored glasses. This is their mindset. So, when Roseanne says that [Jarrett] looks like a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes, because Democrats think of blacks as apes, they immediately thought she is referring to the fact that [Jarrett] is African America with the ape thing, not to the fact that she resembles a character in the show, which she does, literally.”