Bill Hamon: Hurricane Irma Was A Sign That God Will ‘Expose’ Trump’s Accusers

Hurricane Irma (NOAA/CIR via Wikimedia Commons)

Charisma’s Steve Strang invited Bill Hamon, whom he called “one of the fathers of the modern prophetic movement,” to join him for a series of podcasts earlier this month and discuss his prophecies about God’s plans for 2018, including his conviction that Hurricane Irma was a sign from God that President Trump’s opponents will soon be exposed.

Hamon, like Strang, views Trump’s election as a heaven-sent miracle, and he recounted to Strang how that he told Christian opponents of Trump before the election that Trump was “God’s man for this time and God’s going to use him to restore America back to its true destiny and purpose.” Like many defenders of Trump in the “prophetic” movement, Hamon compared Trump to the biblical Cyrus, an ungodly man raised up to carry out God’s will.

“The fact is that God raised him up, and God didn’t ask our permission which man He would bring, but it’s God’s time,” he said. He added that Melania Trump “is, I understand, is a spiritual woman and she felt God told her that he would win if he’d run.”

Hamon said that “everyone knows that if Hillary had gotten it, we would be a socialist nation and we’d be so far from our purpose” that we would invite the “judgment of God.”

In 2018, Hamon said, Trump is “going to be exonerated and things are going to turn around and the accusers are going to be exposed.” As proof of this, he cited a prophecy from Chuck Pierce that “when the surge came on both shores, [on] both the east and west shores of Florida, that after that God is going to expose the enemies of righteousness and justice and is going to release revival and his glory upon America.”

This, he said, is exactly what happened with Hurricane Irma “and now in 2018 we’re going to see God expose all the …accusers and all those that are trying to wipe out Trump and destroy him, and they don’t realize this is a spiritual war.”

Before the next election, Hamon said, “Trump’s going to come out in a whole new light, God’s going to vindicate him and exonerate him.”