‘Big Win’: Bryan Fischer Celebrates The Firing Of The House Chaplain

On his radio program on Friday, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer praised Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for firing House Chaplain Father Patrick Conroy, reportedly because Ryan disliked Conroy’s political views.

“Here is a good news item for the day,” Fischer declared. “He is an out gay man, he’s married to a man—quote, end quote—so it was a shameful move to the put this guy in charge of the chaplaincy of the House in the first place.”

“This is a great win,” Fischer continued. “He’s pro-gay, he’s a homosexual guy that’s married to a homosexual guy. Big win, because Paul Ryan is not going to replace him with somebody who is going to have that kind of a left-leaning tilt. This is good news for the agenda of morality, especially sexual normalcy in the United States.”

Conroy is a Jesuit priest, so Fischer’s claim that he is married is obviously ludicrous, as is his assertion that Conroy is openly gay. Fischer apparently misread the Lifesite News piece he used as the basis of his report, as it was Rep. Sean Maloney who was described in the piece as “an out gay man ‘married’ to a man,” not Conroy.