Barton: Science Proves The Bible, Jefferson Loved Jesus, & God Hates Socialism

Yesterday I posted a video compilation of David Barton claiming that every aspect of our culture and politics – from our tax laws to our building codes – ought to be carried out in accordance with Biblical principles. 

I have gone back through the videos to grab a few other highlights that I believe perfectly demonstrate the utter inanity of Barton’s “expertise” and pseudo-history.

First of all is this video in which Barton claims that science always confirms what the Bible teaches, which is why global warming is not real and why embryonic stem cell research – which is immoral – will never work:

Next up Barton takes on the famous “Jefferson Bible,” which he claims was not an attempt to Jefferson to remove all the things he didn’t believe from the Gospels but rather an effort by Jefferson to produce a book that could be used to evangelize the Native Americans:

Finally, Barton explains that the story of the Tower of Babel is really about God’s hatred of socialism: