Heritage Action Creates Pro-Kavanaugh Activist Toolkit To ‘Secure The Supreme Court For Decades To Come’

Brett Kavanaugh at White House announcement of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court (Image from White House broadcast)

Heritage Action, the controversial and aggressively hard-right political arm of the Heritage Foundation, is promoting an activist toolkit designed to secure the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In a Monday email to activists, Heritage Action Vice President Jessica Anderson said, “This is our chance to secure the Supreme Court for decades to come—thank you for fighting!”

The toolkit tells activists, “It is helpful, especially in red states with Democratic senators, to frame the conversation around the importance of upholding the Constitution.”

“Voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh is not a vote for or against any specific policy,” says the toolkit, “but a vote to allow constitutional democracy to work.”

But the toolkit’s talking points do get into specific policy areas, promoting a Kavanaugh ruling against gun regulation and his “vote” as a judge against the mandate under the Affordable Care Act that insurance coverage include contraception. The toolkit asserts that Kavanaugh “will uphold the separation of powers, protecting the American businessman from job-killing regulations.”

The toolkit includes a script for a phone call to a senator’s office, a sample letter to the editor, and half a dozen suggested social media posts, such as this tweet: “Judge Kavanaugh prioritizes the Constitution’s original meaning. @SENATOR I support Brett Kavanaugh for #SCOTUS.”

The Heritage Foundation, a massive marketing operation for policies grounded in right-wing ideology, pre-approved judges on the list of potential Supreme Court nominees Trump crafted when he was a presidential candidate. It has helped fill administration jobs with Heritage alums and ideological allies.