Barber Asks “WWJVF?” (Who Would Jesus Vote For?)

One of the things I love about the Religious Right is their absurd insistence that they don’t care about political parties because they make all of their political decisions based only on Biblical values. 

As Samuel Rodriguez always claims, the Religious Right doesn’t care about the agenda of the Donkey (Democrats) or the Elephant (Republicans,) but only the agenda of The Lamb (Jesus) … yet, inevitably, they always support Republicans.

Nothing better demonstrates this pathetic charade than today’s episode of “Faith and Freedom” where Matt Barber and Mat Staver encourage Christians to go out and vote their values in today’s elections while insisting that this has nothing to do with Democrats vs Republicans but is simply about “who would Jesus vote for” … all while Barber calls Democrats “secular socialists” who are “immoral and irreligious” and need to be voted out of office: