Ban Gay Marriage, Defend Freedom

The American Spectator’s David Bass claims that by expanding the freedom to marry to same-sex couples, government is actually becoming more invasive and society less free. Responding to Glenn Beck’s statement that same-sex marriage isn’t a serious threat and won’t be responsible for “burning down” the country; Bass asserts (without any evidence, of course) that gay marriage will lead to economic hardships and a more intrusive government:

Politics aside, the reasons for conservatives and Republicans to continue standing for traditional marriage are legion. Glenn Beck doesn’t get it when he claims freedom-loving Americans have “bigger fish to fry” than traditional marriage and abortion.

“You can argue about abortion or gay marriage or whatever all you want, the country is burning down,” Beck said in early August.

That sentiment fails to recognize the inseparable connection between America’s social and economic ills — as if the fiscal sphere were solely responsible for the decline of America. It’s not. The fall of the traditional family has long been linked to economic instability, the rise of the welfare state, and an electorate that doesn’t understand, nor want to defend, freedom, liberty, and tradition.

Bass’s article is part of a growing right-wing chorus attacking Beck for not seeing how the freedom to marry will lead to the downfall of freedom.