Bakker: Ringling Brothers Circus Closing Was A Sign From God About The Last Days

Yesterday, televangelist Jim Bakker blasted those who seek to “destroy our president,” claiming that the people who want to see Donald Trump removed from office have “come against what God does” and are “attributing to Satan what God did” in the presidential election.

He then linked Trump’s trip to Israel and the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, to the recent closure of the Ringling Brothers Circus, which he took as a sign from God.

Bakker blamed the Ringling Brothers closure on a nonexistent national law banning elephants from the circus—while a few cities have barred circus workers from using bullhooks, there is no national law against performing elephants—which he contrasted with the legalization of abortion.

The closure of the circus company due to the supposed elephant ban, he said, is a sign from God because the elephant is also the symbol of the Republican Party. Like the circus losing its elephants, he implied, America will fall if it loses Trump.

“Revelation is now, people,” Bakker continued. “Here’s what God spoke to me: The circus is over. Life as we know it, unless we turn back to God, it’s not going to be fun anymore.”