Jim Bakker Guest: Ask God To Remove Judges Who Block Trump’s Divine Agenda

Self-described prophet Mark Taylor appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” today where he outlined what he sees as the “four objectives” for “God’s army.”

Taylor said that the first three objectives included electing Donald Trump as president, ensuring his inauguration, and standing with him during his rocky first few months in the White House. The fourth objective, according to Taylor, is “asking God to get rid of corrupt justices—including the Supreme Court.”

He urged people to ask God to begin “removing the judges” and “removing these corrupt senators” if they get in Trump’s way.

“God is purging the land right now,” he said. “This is a very important, crucial objective is this judicial tyranny, because you see this is the only thing that’s holding—it’s not Trump’s agenda, it’s God’s agenda.”

Bakker agreed, lashing out against the federal judges who blocked Trump’s travel bans targeting people from predominantly Muslim countries.

“America is scary because we don’t have the president—they have stripped him. Why is Trump suddenly being stripped of all of his power? They’re cutting everything he does down, down, down,” he said. “I believe there is going to have to be revolutionary events take place that will shake America.”

“It’s up to the army of God to blaze that trail,” Taylor responded. “That’s why God is adding this fourth objective with the judicial tyranny, to take this on and blaze a trail in the spirit so it will manifest in the natural. How God does it, that’s up to him. We do our part, God will do his.”

The Religious Right group POTUS Shield has similarly called for God to “sweep away the judges” in order to have Trump fill their vacancies.

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