At Values Voter Summit, Dana Loesch Declares Feminism Dead

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch used part of her speech at the Values Voter Summit today to go on a bizarre rant about feminism, declaring that “feminism exists to subjugate men” but that it is now “dead as a doornail.”

“We are in a post-feminist era,” she said. “Feminism is dead. It is dead as a doornail, it is dead. Feminism is dead.”

Saying that “third-wave feminism has betrayed” women, men, children and “our culture,” Loesch  claimed, “Third-wave feminism exists to subjugate men, period. They have replaced the patriarchy with the matriarchy, and they are not a good master.”

“Third-wave feminism says it empowers women—empowers them by convincing women to commit genocide against the female sex in utero,” she said.

She added that “men are wonderful and they are unappreciated, and you know, you can mansplain all you want to because we womansplain enough.”

(Note, the video skips at one point during Loesch’s remarks; the skip existed in the original C-SPAN feed.)