Gary Bauer: The Left Has Become ‘An American Taliban’

Gary Bauer of American Values spoke during the afternoon session at the Values Voter Summit today, where he declared that the left has become “an American Taliban” and is working to take down Confederate monuments because “they hate America.”

“We’re also seeing the left now turn into an American Taliban declaring war on our monuments,” he said. “It didn’t start with Southern memorials, it started with the Ten Commandments. In the last couple of decades, we’ve see left-wing groups file lawsuits all over America forcing Ten Commandments plaques and monuments to be taken down from courthouses and schools in state after state after state.”

“Then they went after the Southern monuments,” Bauer continued. “Robert E. Lee, we can’t tolerate that, so they started changing the names of schools and streets. Threw Lee into the grave again—well, he needs to move over because now here comes Jefferson and Franklin and Washington and even Abraham Lincoln. Because the people doing this aren’t just haters of the South, they’re not just haters of Judeo-Christian values, they hate America, that’s why they do these things.”