Anti-Semitic Outburst Cut From White Nationalist Nick Fuentes’ Podcast on El Paso Shooting

Nick Fuentes stands in front of American flag with a Trump campaign hat on
Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist podcaster who spoke at American Renaissance's 2018 conference, is seen in an image still broadcast on Red Ice TV. (Screenshot/YouTube)

(Editor’s note: This article contains offensive language.)

Nicholas Fuentes, a white nationalist who attempts to conceal his political beliefs beneath layers of supposed irony and euphemism, threw an anti-Semitic tantrum during the August 5 edition of his podcast and offered a sympathetic rationalization for the massacre allegedly undertaken by the author of a racist white nationalist screed. Though his rationalization of the mass killings remains online, the hateful anti-Semitic outburst is not included in the copy of the episode currently available on his YouTube channel.

Monday night, Fuentes—who took part in the violent 2017 Unite the Right gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia—uploaded an episode of his podcast to YouTube that was dedicated to discussing last weekend’s mass shootings. The shooting in El Paso, Texas, was allegedly carried out by a young man who authored a manifesto expressing his white supremacist ideology and hostility to Hispanic immigrants and posted it online prior to the shooting.

Fuentes, who is hostile to immigrants himself, took issue with conservative voices who denounced white supremacists and white nationalists in the wake of the El Paso shooting, balking at President Donald Trump’s condemnation of the very extremists agitated and energized by the president’s rhetoric. Among those singled out for Fuentes’ fury was Matt Walsh, columnist at The Daily Wire, who called the accused white supremacist mass killer a “white racist scumbag” and said white supremacy was “evil, stupid, and dangerous.”

Fuentes attacked Walsh with anti-gay slurs and called him a “shabbos goy race traitor” who works for Jews. (The Daily Wire is led by Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish.) That part of last night’s show appears to have been removed from the YouTube Live rebroadcast but was preserved in the YouTube channel of a Fuentes fan.

“Matt Walsh, shabbos goy race traitor. That’s what it is, folks. I know some people don’t like to use that expression, but it’s totally true—throwing his own people under the bus. He hates white people. Nobody else talks like that about their own people except for white people and it’s gross,” Fuentes said, going on to mock Walsh: “Yeah, OK, keep typing on Twitter dot com, faggot. Faggot. Pussy. Race traitor—you work for Jews, you know.”

Fuentes also threw a tantrum over Dinesh D’Souza’s remarks about white nationalism, attacking one of the right’s favorite authors based on his ethnicity and over his criticisms of racist writer Samuel Todd Francis in the 1990s. In a mocking tone, Fuentes said, “Dinesh D’Souza is gonna roll up to our shore from India, from smelly, open-defecation India, and he’s going to tell us that Robert E. Lee was a racist.”

Earlier in the podcast, Fuentes had said that he had similar political complaints to those believed to have been expressed by the El Paso shooter, but also said that he did not support violent action.

“Why is it then that we are forced to accept probably the most transformative policies in the history of our country, perhaps the most transformative policies that are possible, which is the systematic replacement of the people that constitute that country. We can’t talk about it, we can’t use mass media, we can’t run for office, we can’t change policy, so at a certain point what is the expectation?” Fuentes said.

Fuentes then claimed that he wasn’t trying to rationalize violence, but then said, “The thought process in my mind is that eventually you just run out of options. You read this manifesto, you read what is said in here, and it’s an act of desperation. It says, ‘What else are we supposed to do?’”

“Of course the solution, this kind of ‘terrorism’—if that’s the kind of language you prefer—or act of violence is not to further isolate, atomize, ostracize these kinds of people who have legitimate problems or people who have legitimate grievances from society,” Fuentes said. “It is instead to work them into the system.”

Fuentes laid the blame for the El Paso shooting on media outlets that accurately identify white nationalists, and alleged that the shooting has been a “benefit” to a supposed anti-Trump media agenda. Fuentes also claimed that the El Paso shooter wrote a “convenient manifesto for the powers that be” whom he said may be implicated in the scandal and alleged criminal activities surrounding hedge-fund billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, currently in prison awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges following news reports on his solicitation of sex from underage teenagers. The powers that Fuentes claims could be responsible for such a conspiracy, he said, are united in having “a problem with white people” and “bringing the systematic destruction of Western civilization and the people that created and perpetuate Western civilization, which is white people.”

Fuentes went on to speculate that the Dayton shooter could be Jewish, before also speculating that the shooter was connected to U.S. intelligence agencies. Fuentes asserted that “red flag” gun laws, like those proposed by the White House yesterday, were part of a slippery slope in which the government would seize weapons from white people.