Alveda King: Honoring MLK’s Dream With Her Anti-Choice Activism

Yesterday, Martin Luther King III wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post taking issue with Glenn Beck’s attempts to claim MLK’s mantle with his upcoming “Restoring Honor” rally being held at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.

Among the scheduled speakers at Beck’s rally will be anti-abortion activist Alveda King, MLK’s niece.  And she wants it known that she and her anti-abortion agenda are the true heirs to MLK’s legacy

“It is absolutely ludicrous that abortion supporters would accuse a blood relative of Dr. King of hijacking the King legacy. Uncle Martin and my father, Rev. A. D. King were blood brothers. How can I hijack something that belongs to me? I am an heir to the King Family legacy,” she said. “I have a right to stand at the Lincoln Memorial on the 47th Anniversary of my Uncle’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. The Dream has yet to be realized. That Dream is in my genes and I carry forward in the fight for equality and justice for all blacks, including those in the womb. My dad and my uncle gave their lives to ensure that the day would come when blacks would be judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. If they were here, I know they would stand with me in this fight for the lives of those most vulnerable among us,” said King.