‘Alt-Right’ Radio Host: Alex Jones Is A ‘Gateway Drug’ To ‘Our Side’

Infowars host Alex Jones speaks to the Infowars audience at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., on April 10, 2018.

White nationalist web-radio host Lana Lokteff said that it’s important for the extreme far-right to defend Infowars host Alex Jones as he and his network are being removed from major social media sites because Jones “has been a gateway drug for a lot of people and then they come over to our side.”

Reveal, a project of The Center for Investigative Reporting, released a report last week explaining that Infowars was a “gateway drug” into a white supremacist worldview. Lokteff, who we wrote about yesterday for her promotion of an agenda that would use government powers to enforce a white supermajority and restrict immigration on the basis of skin color, said as much this weekend on an episode of a podcast that is hosted by the far-right blog “The Ralph Retort” and has become a favorite online hangout for white nationalists.

During the chat, host Ethan Ralph read a viewer message that said, “They’re turning the fricking frogs gay”—a reference to a famous rant from Alex Jones—and asked Lokteff for her opinion on tech companies’ decision to kick Jones off their platforms. Ralph said he had seen chatter online that the far-right shouldn’t rally around Infowars because “Infowars didn’t really support people when they got banned back in the day,” but Lokteff said that it was still important to defend Jones and his crew.

“We have to be the bigger man in this case, also, and we have to realize, too, that this is an attack on alt-media, so if he’s one of the bigger outlets, he’s the first domino. Then they’re just going to keep going,” Lokteff said.

She went on to explain that Jones served as an entry point into white nationalism.

“But look, he has been a gateway drug for a lot of people and then they come over to our side. I mean, just read a lot of the comments now that Alex Jones gets. It’s a lot of people who talk more like us, who are commenting and pressuring him on his show and stuff,” Lokteff said. “Give him time. He might get past that hurdle after enough hardship and attacks.”