Alex Jones Says Globalists Are ‘Looking To Stage Fake Terror Attacks’ Against CNN, MSNBC

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist behind Infowars, delivered a “big enchilada” scoop to his listeners yesterday when he warned that globalist forces are “looking to stage fake terror attacks” against the news networks CNN and MSNBC in order to “make themselves pertinent in this whole victimology culture.”

“CNN is a bunch of hired mercenaries and mainly political hacks from the Democratic Party and failed Republicans that get up there and put out their propaganda. And they’re also pushing this narrative that Trump is going to get them killed and the word is the globalists are looking to stage terror attacks against CNN, MSNBC, to make them the victim. I mean, that’s how desperate they are to try to up the narrative and make themselves pertinent in this whole victimology culture,” Jones said.

Jones has made similar claims involving his own network, once claiming that the deep state would bomb federal buildings in order to persecute Infowars.