Alex Jones Goes On Profanity-Laced Rant About CNN Anchors Saying ‘Shithole’

Alex Jones, the nutritional supplement huckster who leads Infowars, had a ballistic meltdown last night over the fact that CNN anchors said “shithole” on air after reports that President Trump used the term to describe Haiti and countries in Africa.

During a live stream yesterday, Jones appeared behind the scenes in the Infowars production booth to weigh in on the White House doctor’s comments that he had “no concerns” about Trump’s cognitive abilities. But Jones, of course, quickly shifted to other topics.

At one point, a member of the Infowars staff asked Jones and his posse if they thought it was “interesting” that CNN “was able to use ‘shithole’ 195 times” in its coverage of the president’s remarks.

“Yeah, but if I say it I get fined $4,000, exactly,” Jones said. He then began screaming: “CNN can say ‘shithole’ and you don’t fuckin’ bitch about it because you’re a goddamn cunt. You’re a fuckin’ mind-controlled fuck.”

The staffer said he doubted that he would see CNN kicked off Twitter.

“They’ll probably age-restrict this shit and the fucking people in there will love it. They don’t care if they’re sacrificing babies and pot-bellied PBPs are raping them. All they care about is that I use Anglo-Saxton shit,” Jones said.

“They’re all just like F. Lee Bailey in the OJ [Simpson] thing said n-word 41 times. They are allowed to do it, not us. Well, fuck you. That’s why I fucking use it. I don’t need to use cuss words. I got a giant lexicon, bitches. But I’m going to use it, because you’re not going to sit there and tell me what to use, you got that?” Jones said, raising a middle finger to the camera.

He continued, “I’m not talking to our regular listeners and viewers, I’m talking about all the fucking control freaks who want to run my life. You’ve already run shit into the ground and you and your political correctness can go straight to hell.”