Alex Jones: Obama Birth Certificate Is A False Flag To Divert From Obama’s (Non-existent) Islamic Ring

In a radio segment posted online today, Alex Jones declared that the conspiracy theory that President Obama faked his birth certificate, a claim championed by President-elect Donald Trump, was actually orchestrated by Obama himself in order to draw attention away from his other secrets.

Jones said that while “it’s good to investigate the birth certificate,” he believes that Obama and his minions fabricated a fake birth certificate in order to make it into a “honeypot” and distract “from the fact, we believe, that his dad was really Frank Marshall Davis, and we know he has all these weird aliases, he converted to Islam, he wears an Islamic ring. All of this is real. He put in his Harvard Law Review that he edited, as an editor, that he was born in Kenya. His wife, in 2007, in speeches said, ‘My husband was born in Kenya.’ On purpose to then put out the fake birth certificate so they would then get us to divert off to that and the fact that his dad was Frank Marshall Davis, the famous communist, would never be discovered.”

Obama is a Christian, does not wear an Islamic ring, does not have aliases, and did not say he was born in Kenya (although his literary agent once mistakenly said he was). Michelle Obama did once refer to Kenya as Obama’s “home country,” alluding to his Kenyan descent, but never said he was born there. Finally, the dubious claim that Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis has been the obsession of right-wing conspiracy theorists for years.

After saying that the birth certificate was an Obama-orchestrated distraction, Jones went on to interview Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo about their ongoing birther investigation.