Alex Jones Proves Obama Is Demonic: A Fly Once Landed On Him

While he may be losing his church, anti-gay pastor James David Manning still found time to chat with Alex Jones yesterday, and the two agreed that President Obama is a spiritually evil man who, according to Jones, is “almost like a vampire” and “will never been seen with a cross around him.” Never. Ever.

Manning said that if he were to ever encounter Obama, he would “flash him with my cross.”

“Well, I’ve talked to people about how the flies are always landing on him,” Jones said, claiming that “prominent” people have told him that “there’s something really evil about Obama when you’re in his presence.”

Right-wing outlets such as “Trunews” and “WorldNetDaily” have also pointed to the fact that a fly once landed on Obama, an occurrence that only happens to evil people, as proof that Obama is demonic.