Alex Jones Desperate to Cause Scene at Women’s March with Kent State ‘Gun Girl’

Photo of Alex Jones by Sean P. Anderson via Flickr create commons

After being banned from various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Spotify, Alex Jones is fighting for relevancy.

The far-right conspiracy theorist came to Washington last Sunday to attend the annual Women’s March, apparently as a form of ironic counter-protest to the event. Wearing a Women’s March ‘pussy hat’ with a megaphone in hand, Jones chanted “down with Trump,” and other similarly vexing chants as he strolled through the streets, phone cameras drawn on Jones by Infowars staff accompanying him. Jones was present at the first Women’s March in 2017.

“I love George Soros, I hate Trump,” Jones shouted into his megaphone, “I have joined you—I do not want to make America great.”

Jones later met up with pro-gun activist and InfoWars correspondent Kaitlin Bennett, better known as “Kent State gun girl,” and appeared to be mocking transgender and queer identities, Jones saying “I’m a non-binary. I identify as a goldfish.” Bennett gained traction in 2018 when she graduated from Kent State University with an AR-10 assault rifle slung on her back. She, like Jones, delights in being a provocateur and engages passersby with man-on-the-street interviews on a gamut of controversial topics.

A few marchers took it upon themselves to chant “fuck you,” at Jones for his repeated denial of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting ever happening, though the latter was unfazed. Last month Jones was ordered to recompense a Sandy Hook family over $100,000 in legal fees in a defamation case brought against him. Similarly, Jones has been accused of racist and anti-Semitic remarks, as well as sexual misconduct, by former InfoWars employees. Lawyers representing Sandy Hook families claimed they received files containing child pornography from Jones as part of the ongoing court cases against him. InfoWars put the blame on a “malware attack.”

Jones was also present at the Virginia pro-gun rally in Richmond on Monday. There, Jones was bleating from the roof of a Terradyne armored car into his megaphone about the evils of “globalist tyranny.”

More lawsuits have been pushed forth against Jones by other Sandy Hook families going into 2020. They are not expected to go well for him.