Right Wing Bonus Tracks: President Roy Moore

  • Dave Daubenmire vehemently defends Roy Moore and predicts that if Moore can withstand the current scandal, “this man will be President of the United States one day.”
  • Andrew Bieszad says that all the right-wing activists who are worried about Western Civilization being conquered by Islam don’t realize that “they have already been conquered by the LGBT” movement.
  • Gary Bauer has managed to find a way to blame President Obama for the recent mass shooting at a church in Texas.
  • Judicial nominee Brett Talley, who is already wildly unqualified for a seat on the federal bench, somehow forgot to mention that he is married to a lawyer who works in the White House.
  • Finally, Liz Crokin thinks that Carrie Underwood’s recent injury was God’s punishment for criticizing President Trump.