AFA Continues the Crusade Against Ellen

Buster Wilson, General Manager of the American Family Association’s American Family Radio Network and host of the radio program “AFA Today” was particularly incensed on Friday that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly had defended JC Penney’s decision to hire Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson.

Given that the AFA is responsible for the entire campaign to get DeGeneres fired and has been using every arm of the organization to promote it, it is no surprise that Wilson would be outraged by the fact that O’Reilly compared it to a McCarthyist witch hunt, prompting Wilson to declare that he would never watch O’Reilly’s program again! 

Wilson sought to explain that this was not simply a “business decision” on the part of JC Penney, but an effort to normalize and promote homosexuality.  Wilson falsely claimed that Ellen was “kicked off” of her sitcom for coming out and then lamented that a homosexual like DeGeneres would become a role model for young girls because it is “morally wrong”:

It is worth noting, as we have done before, that if Wilson is so concerned about the messages being spread by designated spokesmen, he might want to have a talk with relenetless bigot Bryan Fischer, the AFA’s official spokeman for the and host of a two hour radio program every day on Wilson’s radio network.