A Big Week for the CHRIST-mas Tree

Last week we introduced the world to the wonder that is the CHRIST-mas Tree. Since that time the lowly tree has become a national icon of the bogus “War on Christmas.”

The CHRIST-mas Tree is intended to make it impossible to take the “Christ” out of “Christmas” and sports a giant wooden cross for a trunk:

The tree had a star turn in Stephen Colbert’s “Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude” segment:

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It also shared the spotlight with a miraculous calf in this Jeanne Moos segment on CNN:

The Onion‘s Amelie Gillette was also quite taken by the tree.

And Hendrik Hertzberg offered his analysis over at The New Yorker.

All told, we’re rather pleased that we were able to put the CHRIST-mas Tree on the cultural map. Sadly, no one at the PFAW offices remembered to purchase one in time for the holidays. Maybe next year.