Independent Women's Forum

The Independent Women's Forum (IWF) is an anti-feminist organization housing various "experts" who weigh in on a wide array of issues ranging from feminism and family issues to economics, environmental policy, and international affairs. IWF bills itself as the "home to the next wave of the nation's most influential scholars— women who are committed to promoting and defending economic opportunity and political freedom."

Independent Women's Forum
1726 M Street NW - Tenth Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Website: /

Established: 1992
President & CEO: Michelle D. Bernard
National Advisory Board Chairman: Christina Hoff Sommers
Board of Directors: Heather R. Higgins, Chairman; Mary Arnold; Carol T. Crawford; Randy Parris Kendrick; Larry Kudlow; Nancy Mitchell Pfotenhauer; and R. Gaull Silberman
Directors Emeritae: Lynne V. Cheney; Midge Decter; Kimberly O. Dennis; Wendy Lee Gramm; Elizabeth Lurie; Kate O'Beirne; and Louise V. Oliver
Finances: $1,317,157 (2004)
Publications: The Women's Quarterly, Ex Femina newsletter, Shethinks magazine, Inkwell (blog), and issue reports
Affiliate Organization: Independent Women's Voice

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