Campaign for Working Families PAC

The Campaign for Working Families (CWF) is a political action committee founded by Religious Right activist Gary Bauer to support like-minded candidates. Like the Club for Growth, CWF is known for supporting "pro-family" candidates over more mainstream Republican candidates in GOP primaries. In 1998, it was the fifth largest national PAC.

Campaign for Working Families
2800 Shirlington Road - Suite 605
Arlington, VA 22206
Websites: www.cwfpac or

Established: 1996 by Gary Bauer, former Family Research Council president and United States presidential candidate
President/Chairman: Gary Bauer
Finances: Spent $1,060,284 during the 2003-2004 campaign cycle

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Principal Issues

  • CWF's motto: "Unapologetically pro-family, pro-life, and pro-growth." CWF says that it "takes the guesswork out of identifying the true conservatives from the pretenders."
  • CWF often supports right-wing Republican candidates over moderate Republicans and CWF has waged many aggressive campaigns against those candidates.
  • CWF supports state ballot measures that reject gay and lesbian civil rights or those that increase restrictions on access to abortion.
  • CWF endorses and financially supports anti-choice, anti-gay candidates for political office, such as Alan Keyes.
  • In 2004, CWF's most recent endorsements included:


    CWF Congressional Endorsements

    U.S. Senate: 13
    Jim Holt (AR), Mel Martinez (FL), Alan Keyes (IL), Sam Brownback (KS), Jim Bunning (KY), David Vitter (LA), Richard Burr (NC), Mike Liffrig (ND), Richard Ziser (NV), Tom Coburn (OK), Jim DeMint (SC), John Thune (SD), and George Nethercutt (WA).

    U.S. House of Representatives: 49
    Marvin Parks (AR-2), Rick Renzi (AZ-1), Trent Franks (AZ-2), Roy Ashburn (CA-20), Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4), Tom Tancredo (CO-6), Bob Beauprez (CO-7), Bev Kilmer (FL-2), Dave Weldon (FL-15), Tom Feeney (FL-24), Calder Clay (GA-3), Cathrine Davis (GA-4), Tom Price (GA-6), Lynn Westmoreland (GA-8), Max Burns (GA-12), Mike Gabbard (HI-2), Phil Crane (IL-8), Chris Chocola (IN-2), Dan Burton (IN-5), Mike Pence (IN-6), Steve King (IA-5), Kris Kobach (KS-3), Geoff Davis (KY-4), Bobby Jindal (LA-1), Ron Crews (MA-3), John Kline (MN-2), Mark Kennedy (MN-6), Todd Akin (MO-2), Bill Federer (MO-3), Virginia Foxx (NC-5), Robin Hayes (NC-8), Patrick McHenry (NC-10), Charles Taylor (NC-11), Jeff Fortenberry (NE-1), Scott Garrett (NJ-5), Steve Pearce (NM-2), Joe Pitts (PA-16), Larry Diedrich (SD), Louie Gohmert (TX-1), Ted Poe (TX-2), Arlene Woflgenmuth (TX-17), Randy Neugebauer (TX-19), Tom DeLay (TX-22), Pete Sessions (TX-32), John Swallow (UT-2), Thelma Drake (VA-2), Frank Wolf (VA-3), and Cathy McMorris (WA-5).

CWF's Activities:

  • During the 2004 election cycle, the Campaign for Working Families spent $244,000.00 endorsing Republican candidates, such as the candidates listed above. Tom Tancredo in Colorado received $2,500, Mel Martinez of Florida $8,000, Alan Keyes in Illinois $5,000, Tom Coburn in Oklahoma $8,000, and Tom DeLay in Texas, $5,000. [PoliticalMoneyLine]
  • During the 2002 election cycle CWF contributed $200,988 in campaign donations, endorsing Scott Garett for New Jersey with $7,000, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina with $7,000, John Thune of South Dakota with $10,000, and James Talent of Missouri with $10,000. [PoliticalMoneyLine]
  • In 2002 CWF was ranked number 21 out of the Top 50 'Nonconnected' PAC's by Receipts, having totaled $953,881 in contributions. [source]
  • In 2000 election cycle CWF endorsed 121 candidates and 83% of which were elected. In 2000, over 50% of incoming freshmen Republican members of the 107th Congress were endorsed by CWF.
  • In the 2000 election cycle, CWF spent tens of thousands of dollars on a 12-state "Get-Out-The-Vote" effort on behalf of Republican candidates.
  • In 2000, CWF endorsed such right-wing stalwarts such as: John Ashcroft, Trent Lott, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey, Rick Santorum, Bob Barr, Tom Tancredo, Ernest Istook, and Judge Roy Moore. Of their 113 nominees for the U.S. House and Senate, 3 are Democrats and 1 Independent.
  • In 1998 election cycle, CWF supported over 200 candidates and 64% of CWF's endorsees were elected.
  • CWF keeps profiles on legislation and politicians and provides information for campaigns.
  • CWF has supported successful "Defense of Marriage" state ballot initiatives in Alaska, California, Nebraska, Nevada, and Hawaii.


  • In 1996 and 1997 Bauer put CWF on the map by taking big risks and rejecting Republican leadership pressure. In 1998 in California there was a special election due to the death of Rep. Walter Capps (CA-D). The GOP leadership had tapped a moderate Republican candidate, Rep. Brooks Firestone, and CWF supported a more conservative candidate, Tom Bordonaro. CWF led an expensive, controversial advertising attack campaign against Firestone and was credited with helping Bordonaro win the runoff. Bordonaro ultimately lost the seat to Capps' widow.
  • By 1998 CWF became the 5th largest PAC in the country, raising over $7 million in just two years.
  • Early in CWF's history right-wing heavyweight James Dobson lent his support to the group, sending out mass mailings to 350,000 members of his organization Focus on the Family.

Updated: September 2006

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