YouTuber Beloved By The Alt-Right Bragged About Sexually Assaulting A Drunk Woman


Editor’s Note: This post contains language that some readers may find disturbing.

Andy Warski, a YouTube personality who has risen to notoriety for catering to white supremacists, bragged in a live stream that he secretly removed a condom during sex with a drunk woman.

The Daily Beast reported yesterday on court documents that reveal Jean-Francois Gariepy, a white nationalist Warski pays to co-host his “Internet Bloodsports” debate series featuring prominent alt-right personalities, had been accused of “luring and attempting to impregnate a developmentally disabled Hispanic teenager while lawyers contested his U.S. immigration status.” Gariepy published a statement to Twitter admitting that The Daily Beast article “is correct” and issued a tongue-in-cheek apology for the possibility that “the stable white heterosexual family lifestyle that [he’s] pursuing may trigger some people who have been educated in the current homonormative matriarchy.”

The report about Gariepy falls in line with reports about several alt-right leaders’ alleged abuse and mistreatment of women. Rampant misogyny has been a defining characteristic of the alt-right since the movement’s inception, and Warski’s boastful comments about sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman are just the latest in a pattern of behavior among personalities in alt-right circles.

On the February 28 edition of the “Morning Kumite” live stream—hosted on an obscure YouTube channel popular with devoted “bloodsports” fans—Warski bragged about removing a condom during sex without the consent of his sexual partner.

“The condom was too tight, like it was hurting my dick, and she was drunk so during the sex I pulled my dick out and I pulled the condom off,” Warski said, before claiming that he bought “Asian-fit” condoms that were too constricting.

“So, I roll it off and then I fucked her without the condom on. I was hammered. Like, I pulled it off—and she was mad at me after. She was like, ‘What the fuck? You pulled off the condom?’” Warski said, mocking the woman and laughing.

Warski said that the next day he was worried, not because he had seemingly sexually assaulted a drunk woman, but rather that he may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

The other YouTube personalities on the stream asked Warski how long ago the story he recounted had taken place, concerned about whether the statute of limitations had expired on Warski’s alleged sexual assault.

“Say over seven years, Andy. ‘Over seven years’ is the answer,” one chat participant urged, claiming that Warski’s actions would not be illegal if they had happened that long ago.

After some pause, Warski claimed the incident had happened in 2009 and asked the other chat participants: “What? You’ve never pulled off a condom halfway through?”