You Learn Something New Every Day

Did you know that Canton, Ohio is the home of the Christian Hall of Fame? I didn’t.

And the late Jerry Falwell is its newest inductee:

Dr. Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University, was honored in an induction ceremony for the Christian Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at Canton Baptist Temple in Canton, Ohio.

Pastor Mike Frazier of Canton Baptist Temple presented a large portrait of Dr. Falwell to Jonathan Falwell, son of Jerry Falwell and pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church. The portrait will hang in the halls of Canton Baptist Temple among a total of 124 enshrinees.

For many years, Canton Baptist Temple was one of the 10 largest churches in America. In 1966, Harold Henniger, then pastor, felt there should be some hall of fame in the United States to recognize the influence of the great heroes of the faith throughout the centuries. (The Football Hall of Fame for the National Football League is located in Canton). Today the church’s Christian Hall of Fame is a broad-based representation of history makers and those who influence the world today, including the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, John Wesley and Charles Finney, among others.

“Jerry Falwell, Sr., is honored for having been one of the great heroes of the faith in the last century and this century until his death May 15, 2007,” said Mike Frazier, pastor of Canton Baptist Temple.

The induction ceremony was held during the annual meeting of the pastors of Baptist Bible Fellowship. The pastors rose to applaud in appreciation for the great contribution Jerry Falwell has made to the Fellowship.

“Jerry Falwell has done more for God than any other pastor in our Fellowship and perhaps has done more for God than any other man in our generation,” Frazier said.