Yet Another Election-Oriented 40 Day Prayer Effort

One of the defining features of the Religious Right is the remarkable redundancy of so many of their efforts.  For instance, as we noted earlier this month, there are at least five different 40 day prayer efforts underway targeting the mid-term elections … or rather, make that six, as Coral Ridge Ministries is running one as well:

Join your Coral Ridge Ministries family and pray for the sake of this land we love!

September 1 through October 10 launches our brand-new 40 Days of Prayer for America campaign … calling all concerned Christian citizens to fervent, focused, and committed prayer for America, her leaders, and her future.

Just visit daily, beginning September 1, to read the prayer for the day and commit this land we love to God in prayer.

Let righteousness reign in America, and let it begin by praying God’s Word!

And you’ll notice that Coral Ridge is using 2 Chronicles 7:14 as the effort’s foundational passage, which is the same passage used by Janet Porter’s May Day 2010 Prayer Rally, the Global Day of Prayer, the National Day of Prayer, the FRC’s Call 2 Fall event, and the Pray and Act effort.  

So in case you didn’t get the message, the key to winning the mid-term elections is for Christians to pray and seek forgiveness so that God will heal our land by tossing the Democrats out of office.