With Gorsuch On The Court, NOM Looks To Next Vacancy To Reverse Marriage Equality

In a Friday fundraising email, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown asked followers to send money so the group can avoid making “drastic” budget cuts and be ready for the next Supreme Court vacancy:

Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, said yesterday that he expects there will be another vacancy on the Supreme Court as soon as this summer. Other sources have said the same thing in recent weeks. That means that we need to be ready at a moment’s notice to spring into action to urge the appointment of a strong constitutionalist to the Court, someone who will have the courage to vote to reverse the illegitimate, anti-constitutional Obergefell ruling that redefined marriage.

But that’s just one reason NOM needs money:

That’s just one example of what’s at risk if we don’t have the funds to aggressively fight for our issues. We won’t be able to do everything possible to press President Trump to make the right appointment, or to influence the confirmation process of the nominee. We won’t have the resources to fight all-out for legislation to protect the religious liberty rights of people of faith. We will have to cut back on our public education and grassroots mobilization efforts. And we’ll have to take a pass on participating in critical court cases on key issues including gender and religious liberty.

NOM energetically cheered the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch because they are “confident he will rule to overturn the illegitimate marriage decision.” When Gorsuch was nominated, Brown said his confirmation would be “the first step on the path” to reversing Obergefell and transforming the Court. “Then we need to make sure that the next vacancy on the Court is filled by an originalist judge in the mold of Justice Scalia,” said Brown.