Wilson: Guns Are Not the Problem; Lack Of School Prayer is the Problem

As a general rule, we tend not to write about the things said by those who call into the right-wing programs we monitor, as many of them tend to be isolated crackpots and the hosts themselves cannot really be held responsible for the things that callers say. 

But we occasionally make exceptions for cases like this, where a caller tells AFA’s Buster Wilson that he owns an AR-15 assault rifle, loathes President Obama and is absolutely fed up, warning that the government is turning him into a vigilante and that “when the bullets start flying, well, I got plenty of bullets.”  

Wilson’s response to this caller was truly remarkable, as he declared that “those were the kind of sentiments” that were expressed by the Founding Fathers leading up to the Revolutionary War, saying that Americans “are not now willing to revert back to anarchy [and] to have our liberties stripped away from us” before blaming school shootings like Sandy Hook on lack of prayer and the Ten Commandments in our schools: