Wiley Drake Prays for the Deaths of 219 Democratic Members on Congress

Via Alan Colmes we learn that Wiley Drake has advanced from minor leagues of praying for the death of individuals like President Obama to the big leagues of praying for the wholesale death of all 219 members of the House of Representatives who voted for health care reform:

Orange Country Pastor Wiley Drake fired off an email to his supporters this morning, telling them that all 219 Democrats have been placed on the “imprecatory prayer list.” “We’ll remember in November and pray Psalms 109 while waiting,” he urged, before listing each offending congressman by name in “Satan’s domain in Washington D.C.”

In recent weeks, Drake has stepped up his calls to stop the health-care bill through the death prayer, offered as part of a morning “Telephonic Imprecatory Prayer Team” conference call. After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s wife and daughter were seriously injured in a car crash this month, Drake wrote “Since God almost let family members die, maybe Mr. Reid sees Imprecatory Prayer in a different light, ya think??”

In this newest email, Drake wrote “It is time for the saints to step up and get back in the war, between good and evil. See what God says the saints are to do in this battle.” He then quotes from Psalm 149:7 “To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people.”