Wiley Drake Focuses His Imprecatory Prayers On Fred Phelps

Wiley Drake has become notorious in recent years for praying for the death of President Obama, hundreds of members of Congress, and pretty much everyone who doesn’t share his radical agenda … and now he is turning his imprecatory prayers against Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church because they are, get this, “an embarrassment to Bible believing Pro-Life and Pro-Family Christians”:

Christians from Around the World to Discuss Imprecatory Prayer for Westboro Baptist and Pastor Fred Phelps

Pastor Wiley Drake will host an open discussion with members of the body of Christ, from around the world, as to what to do about people he sees as an embarrassment to Bible believing Pro-Life and Pro-Family Christians, especially for those who are proud to be called Baptist.

Pastor Drake states, “We will have an OPEN prayer meeting/discussion to allow everyone to share their ideas and prayers.”

If you are interested in listening to Drake’s discussion on how best to pray for the death of Phelps and his Westboro flock, you can call in tomorrow at noon Eastern time