Why Lisa Miller Wasn’t Held In Contempt

Yesterday, I wrote a post noting it was a little odd that a Virginia judge had ruled that he could not hold Lisa Miller in contempt of court because nobody knew where she was.  Now the article has been updated with more details which explains the reasoning a bit more:

She’s accused of running away with her seven-year-old daughter to avoid sharing custody with her former lesbian partner, but a Bedford County judge has decided not to press charges against Lisa Miller.

The judge could have held her in contempt of court, a charge she’s already facing in Vermont, where this legal battle began. But a judge says he can’t do the same here, because Miller was never notified of the pending charges, and she’s nowhere to be found.

Because officials couldn’t locate Miller to notify her of her court appearance, the judge said he couldn’t hold her in contempt.

But the most interesting piece of news contained in the update is that it contains the first statement on the case from Mat Staver since Miller disappeared.  Staver, who is apparently still her lawyer, used the court appearance to attack Janet Jenkins: 

While Miller may be the missing party now, her lawyer says it was her former partner who was missing most of Isabella’s life.

“[She] never came to watch her at church functions or school activities- in fact refused to come to Lynchburg,” Miller’s attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said.

Staver says he doesn’t know his client’s whereabouts or knows anyone who does.