Why Didn’t TFP Call in the Cavalry?

Not long ago an obscure but well-heeled group called the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property started showing up on the right-wing scene, becoming very active in the fight against marriage euqality.  It is currently engaged in “a 30-day tour of cities and colleges across California to educate the public on the importance of preserving traditional marriage” and it is not off to a particularly good start, at least according to their latest press release:

Volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) were assaulted on September 5th while distributing literature in support of traditional marriage at Santa Rosa Junior College.

TFP, a Catholic organization, was distributing flyers titled “Ten Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Is Harmful and Must Be Opposed.” It calls on Californians to firmly and peacefully resist the advance of the so-called gay-rights movement.

TFP claims that its volunteers have been shouted at, swatted at, and had coffee thrown on them which, if true, we obviously don’t condone.  Just to be safe, maybe they should start sending out their regiment of regalia clad activists from now on to help keep everyone in line:

After all, what good does it do to have a pseudo-military force like this if you don’t use it?