Why Can’t Peter Read?

In a post I wrote yesterday about the Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ Conference, I pointed out that Peter LaBarbera is calling for a “comprehensive federal study on the health risks of homosexual sex,” because gay sex is, among other things, more dangerous than smoking. 

Today, LaBarbera responded with a new post claiming that he never made such a claim:

Here’s a People for the American Way report attacking AFTAH that says that I have called homosexual sex more dangerous than smoking, which I did not claim in our original report. In fact, I think some “gay” behaviors like sodomy are more dangerous than cigarettes — although there are many variables here that make comparisons difficult.

Well, here is the original report:

The very first line says “More Dangerous than Smoking?” next to a photo of an ashtray.  What else could that mean? And later, LaBarbera’s post says this (emphasis added):

LaBarbera read from a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) report explaining why “men who have sex with men” (MSM) cannot donate blood due to the high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases linked to MSM. He noted that since government agencies and politicians are active in confronting the health risks of smoking (using taxpayer dollars), they should do the same for homosexual sex — especially between men — which appears to be as dangerous or more so than smoking cigarettes.

How can he claim that he never suggested that gay sex was more dangerous than smoking when he did so repeatedly? 

And then, not content with falsely accusing us of lying, he also declares that our post advocated for something entirely unrelated: 

It’s utterly beyond me as to how LaBarbera concluded that my post criticizing his effort to declare gay sex more dangerous than smoking by relying solely on a document pertaining to restrictions on blood donations was, in reality, a call by this organization “for [an] end to gay blood donation ban.”

So not only did LaBarbera accuse us of claiming he said something he never said (though, in fact, he did) , he in turn accused us of saying something we never said.