Who’s Socialist Now?

The American Family Association’s One News Now is a “news” service in the same way that Fox is “fair and balanced.”  Remember, One News Now is the outfit that published stories about “Tyson Homosexual” because they were so opposed to using the word “gay.”  ONN’s “Daily News Briefs” have become a one-stop shop of wing-nuttery. Today it was also a victim of bad timing

Today ONN’s top “story” – by our old pal Robert Knight — complained that the national media “ignores Obama’s socialist past.”  Knight, like a number of right-wing bloggers, is up in arms about the fact that Obama was endorsed years ago for state Senate by the progressive New Party. 
But today’s top story in the Washington Post was about the Bush administration forcing major national banks to accept partial nationalization in return for a financial helping hand.  But even the easily enraged Michelle Malkin can’t get worked up about charges of “socialism” when the Treasury Department is taking ownership stake in the banking system.